General FAQs

Q: How do I join my meeting room?

A. Follow our "How to join" instructions here.

Q: What browser should I use to join the Easymeeting EasyConference service from my personal computer?

A. Easymeeting WebRTC is optimized for use on Google Chrome. We recommend always joining from this browser.

Q: Can I present using Easymeeting?

A. Yes. Standards-based video systems and personal computers are able to present in an EasyConference room. From a video system, simply present as you normally would according to your user manual. From personal computers, you are able to present from Google Chrome only and you will need to install the presentation extension the first time you present from that device. It should only take a minute, but we recommend doing this prior to your meeting. Click here to download the extension. You are also able to present using your Lync client.

Q: What are my layout options when using WebRTC or the new Easymeeting EasyConference service?

A: Easymeeting defaults to active speaker layout. Permanent rooms layouts using active speaker can be changed with the Easymeeting Expert team to the following:

  • 1 large speaker (only active speaker is in view)
  • 1 larger speaker and up to 7 small thumbnails (standard default)
  • 1 larger speaker and up to 21 small thumbnails (auditorium view)

Q: How can I get the best experience when using WebRTC or mobile devices to join a conference?

A: Below are a few quick tips to optimize your video meeting, for more, read our blog post on How to Set Yourself Up For Video Using Mobile Devices

  • Do not sit with a window or bright light behind you.
  • Create an area with a professional backdrop.
  • Sit somewhere quiet & use a headset. 
  • Do not sit too close and use PIP (picture-in-picture) to your advantage. 

Audio & Video

Q: My camera will not start using WebRTC. It is only showing a black screen.

A: Make sure you other browsers are closed or for Mac users quit other browsers (command+Q). Once you have done that, you will need to allow your browser to use your camera. You might need to refresh your browser after closing the other browser windows in order for the message to appear (see below).


Recording and Streaming

Q: How secure is my recording using YouTube Live Event?

A: You will need a Google account in order to record or stream a meeting.

Youtube has 3 settings for videos:

  • Public - Anyone visiting YouTube can see the video and the video will appear in the search field.

  • Unlisted - The video can only be viewed if you have the appropriate link.

  • Private - You choose who can access the video.  This is the most secure option.

All access to YouTube is encrypted with a Trusted 256-bit SSL certificate; the same encryption that is used to secure your online financial transactions.  This means that your access to your recordings is encrypted and cannot be viewed by another individual over the wire.  

The encryption mentioned above is to keep people from seeing what you're watching, it doesn't stop someone from viewing the video if, let's say, your video is marked as "unlisted" and a person is forwarded the appropriate link.