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About Us

We provide easy-to-use video conferencing solutions for everyday users like you!

Our Story

“We want you to use your time wisely so you can enjoy doing the things that inspire you.”

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Easymeeting was born out of the same frustration that may have brought you here today; the complexity of video calling! Because of this common frustration, users are not able to see the true benefits of this powerful tool, so we vowed to create the easiest video conferencing experience on the market back in 1999. It was our mission then, and it still is today.

Welcome to Easymeeting, the easiest and friendliest video communication solution in the world.

Our Core Values

The Easymeeting experience is achieved when we exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression on those that we come in contact with. It is about going above and beyond what is expected of us in everything we do. We focus on providing great service to positively impact others. It encompasses all of our values, especially to make your meetings easy.


We design our products and services to be easy-to-use. Because of this, we encourage our employees to ask themselves “Can I help this customer or co-worker in an easier and more creative way?” Tomorrow’s solution might be better or easier than yesterday’s, but we will never know unless we break away from the ordinary today.


We value being fun and unique. By encouraging our employees to be themselves and take risks, we are able to create a company that is innovative, forward thinking, fun to work for, and even a little crazy. Some of the things that we do might seem a little unconventional, but that is what allows us to deliver memorable experiences, every time.


We strive to inspire each other to succeed with positivity and respect. By creating an encouraging work atmosphere, we are able to put our best foot forward individually and as a team. By treating everyone with the utmost respect, we hope to deliver a business experience that leaves our contacts with a positive feeling about each and every interaction they have with the Easymeeting team.


A Note From Our Founder & CEO

Hello World,

My goal to save people time and money is the inspiration behind the establishment of Easymeeting. So, let me share with you how it all started...

I stumbled across video conferencing in my work as an audio engineer for concerts and theater halls. Immediately I was blown away by the power of face-to-face communication over video. But, after just two calls I realized that video conferencing was actually very complicated and difficult, it was not accessible to everyone, and it required a lot of support just to make a call.

I thought, "It needs to be easy for everyone, not just technical people." So I left my career and founded a company that delivered easy-to-use video conferencing and calling to everyone.

I see that many people waste time traveling to various meetings or use inefficient communication tools. I want everyone to benefit from Easymeeting's amazing technology. Most importantly, I want our users to see the "benefits of the benefits" of video communication. For example, being able to have more moments at home with your family, because you are able to travel less, when you meet over video.

I want to deliver a service that saves you money and gives you more time. With our easy to use tools and best customer service, you can have more time to do what inspires you most, when you aren't working.

I would love to hear your story of successful meetings, as well as learning how we can improve our service for you.

Hans Johan Tofteng
Founder & CEO

Our Company History


Hans Johan Tofteng, Founder & CEO of Easymeeting, founded Avikom AS in Tromsø, Norway, the holding company of Easymeeting. His hope was to deliver easy to use video solutions so that people would choose video over travel, saving them time and money.


Easymeeting AS was founded. Avikom AS was successful in providing video conferencing hardware and infrastructure with support from our Expert support, so Easymeeting was born to be a "video conferencing as a service" provider before cloud video conferencing existed.



With success in the EMEA region, Easymeeting expanded to the Americas with an office in Connecticut, USA. 


Easymeeting officially launches free gatekeeper and directory service and surpassed 7000+ Registered Video Conferencing Systems on the platform by the end of 2012.


We are celebrating almost 9 years of success in the online meeting software industry. We provide the best customer support with the help of our Easymeeting Expert team and have provided solutions for customers in all different industries. We are proud to continue to make our solutions, products, and services easy so our users can save time and money with Easymeeting.

Our Leadership Team


Hans Johan Tofteng

Founder & CEO




Jonathan Fry

Head of Sales

This Could Be You!

Easymeeting.net is a young, dynamic and passionate company looking for team members with a desire to be a part of an international team. We offer you the opportunity to work for a flexible and exciting company dedicated to delivering high-quality and easy-to-use video technology to our customers.

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