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For the last 10 years we have been providing customers with easy to use video conferencing tools and exceptional support.

Lou Costa


“We absolutely love this product! No other video conference solution is as easy to set up or get connected. Simply turn it on, and connect directly to another unit or to a virtual room for a high-definition video conference. Bravo for creating such a simple solution.”

Naomi Chu

“We love using Easymeeting as a hosted service to bridge our collaborative work with arts organizations across the country. The service is consistent. And equally important, the staff are great!”

Knut Bringsverd
BRIAND Consulting

BRIAND Consulting

“Just had a meeting with a customer using my Easyconference. Very good quality and connecting was easy; I just sent him the url to join. We finally got to know each other a little better than just on the phone.”

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