Connect. Enhance. Inspire.

Easymeeting provides easy to use video conferencing tools and exceptional support so our customers can work more efficiently and focus on the things that inspire them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance everyone’s conversations by delivering the easiest and friendliest video communication solution in the world.

We believe, if we can make video meetings easy enough, everyone will see each other, in every conversation.
— Hans Johan Tofteng, CEO and Founder of Easymeeting

Our Core Values

  • Deliver an Easymeeting Experience
  • Make it easy
  • Be fun and unique
  • Inspire others
  • Be respectful

Deliver an Easymeeting Experience

By delivering an Easymeeting experience, we exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression on those that we come in contact with. The Easymeeting experience is about going above and beyond what is expected of us in everything we do. Our focus is to provide great service to positively impact everyone else’s day and work.

The Easymeeting experience should encompass all of our values especially, to make your meetings easy.


Make it easy

We design our products and services to be easy to use. Because of this, we encourage our employees to ask themselves “Can I help this customer or co-worker in an easier and more creative way?” Tomorrow’s solution might be better or easier than yesterday’s, but we will never know unless we break away from the ordinary today.


Be fun and unique

We value being fun and unique. We want each employee to enjoy being at work. By encouraging our employees to be themselves and take risks we are able to create a company that is innovative, forward thinking, fun to work for, and even a little crazy.

Some of the things that we do might seem a little unconventional, but that is what allows us to deliver memorable and personable experiences, every time.


Inspire others

We strive to inspire each other with positivity and encourage others to succeed, which builds stronger teams.  By creating an inspirational work atmosphere we are able to put our best foot forward individually and as a team when working both internally as well as with our customers and partners.


Be respectful

We view our colleagues, co-workers, partners and vendors, as our customers. By treating everyone that we come in contact with with the utmost respect, we hope to deliver a business experience that leaves our contacts with a positive feeling about each and every interaction they have with the Easymeeting team.