14 Tips To Look Your Best On A Video Call [Infographic]

Typically when our Easymeeting Experts talk to customers or users of video meeting tools, their biggest challenge using video conferencing tools is getting over the initial discomfort. It’s possible you are a technology genius or flawless public speaker but may still be unsure of how to look your best on a video conference. That’s where Easymeeting comes in.

Video conferencing can be a very powerful tool. It helps build stronger and faster relationships, allows for more effective communication and collaboration, and most importantly, allows you to use your time wisely so you can get more done each workday.

In addition to the benefits for individual employees, video conferencing can cut travel budgets and reduce a company’s carbon footprint, yet, many people are still intimidated by using video calling for their meetings.

Learn all of the do’s and don’ts for successful video meetings!

Stop Hosting Conference Calls, Here’s Why…

Video conferencing can be a very powerful tool. It helps build stronger and faster relationships, allows for more effective communication and collaboration, and most importantly, allows you to use your time wisely so you can get more done each workday. The best part of video conferencing is you can replace most meetings with video meetings, cutting travel costs for your company.

So, it surprises me when company’s still prefer to use the telephone for meetings… We’ll explain why you should stop hosting conference calls and opt for video conferencing face-to-face communication instead.

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Increase Productivity By Trading Coffee for Exercise at Your Desk

Whether you are working remotely or in the office, your desk is a big part of your life. And, at some point, you have probably started to depend on coffee to help you feel more productive while at the said desk. If you haven’t, you are an anomaly and we envy you!

We want to help you from getting stuck in that after lunch or 3:00 PM slump each day. Instead of getting yourself another coffee, try these simple exercises you can do at your desk.

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Your Complete Cost Comparison of Video Conferencing Solutions

For the world’s multinational companies, the cost of video conferencing might not seem like a big issue. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a necessary expense and a relative drop in the bucket, even the multi-million dollar deployments.

But for a small business working across multiple locations, video conferencing costs can have a much greater financial burden. That being said, investing in a video conferencing solution can minimize your travel costs.

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Video Conferencing for the Healthcare Industry: What is Telemedicine?

There is no doubt today’s fast developing technology has transformed the medical industry. We have seen great advancements in healthcare over the past few decades including the use of new procedures, testing, medicine, and using video conferencing to provide access to health care.

We’ll examine the use of video conferencing and how the benefits of this technology are making telehealth commonplace in hospitals and for doctors around the globe, changing the way patients receive care.

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Top 5 Biggest Video Meeting Dos & Don’ts

Our team of Easymeeting Expert’s get to meet people around the world each and every day using our video conferencing service. Sometimes, it can be a person’s very first video call and sometimes it’s a skilled video conferencing master just checking in to learn some new tricks.

Either way, over the years, we have seen a lot of examples of good and bad video conferencing etiquette. We’ve compiled our Expert knowledge to help you collaborate in the cloud with our top 5 video meeting tips. Check them out!

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Video Meeting Icebreakers When Meeting With a New Team

Adding new people to your team, organization, and even onboarding new clients can sometimes be an awkward process. Even more so, if you are meeting on video for the first time.

Using fun icebreakers will allow for meeting participants to get to know each other and feel more comfortable participating more quickly. In this post, we provide you with a few video meeting icebreakers to try in your next online meeting.

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How to Be More Productive When Working Remotely

Working from home is a privilege and benefit many employees want. Some employees would even choose remote working over a pay raise. While the opportunity to work from home supports better work-life balance and comes with many advantages, it is important you remain productive and efficient as an employee.

We’ve put together five tips how to be more productive when working remotely so you can be a successful remote employee. 

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Top Reasons Why People Hate Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is not a new technology. Businesses have been using it to communicate and collaborate across distances for quite some time; however, with new cloud subscriptions, more businesses are making this technology common practice for internal and external meetings

With all of its advantages, you would think users would be jumping for joy to communicate using video, but it seems video conferencing still gets a bad reputation.We break down five of the top reasons why people don’t want to use video conferencing and provide solutions to overcome them.

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5 Tips for Better Body Language in Meetings

In business, communication is used to make sales and build relationships, collaborate on projects, provide customer support, and much, much more. Did you know that body language makes up 55% of your communication?

Whether you are meeting face to face or using video conferencing, keep these 5 tips in mind for better body language while communicating face to face.

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