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Success by industry

We love using Easymeeting as a hosted service to bridge our collaborative work with arts organizations across the country. The service is consistent. And equally important, the staff are great!
— Naomi Chu, Artspace.org


Endicott College

Endicott College has added the Easymeeting services to the many tools available for their board members, students, and faculty at the college. The college has been known for it's ahead of the curve technological thinking and is continuing to do so by connecting people near and far to their Beverly, MA and Madrid, Spain campuses via our video conferencing cloud.

University of Tromsø

The University of Tromsø is a widespread campus with various Easymeeting video systems placed in classrooms and auditoriums. Thanks to the easy and affordable services we provide, the University has been able to save money and avoid delays of examinations, thesis presentations, lectures and meetings, despite inclement weather and other geographical boundaries.


The Studiesenteret.no is a network that organizes 103 municipalities and 7 colleges in 13 counties in Norway. Today there are 43 operational study centers and campus networks connected through Easymeeting's video conferencing services. Many of the members access the network through Easymeeting services, recordings, and mobile options.

Pierce Atwood

Pierce Atwood has a long history as the premier law firm in Maine, Pierce Atwood LLP. It is now a regional firm with more than 140 attorneys that provides a full array of legal services in New England and beyond. Pierce Atwood LLP was quick to adapt to the Easymeeting technology, and enjoys a new sense of flexibility as a result. “Not only did Easymeeting give us the ability to manage video meetings with all of our offices, but we can do this on the fly--without reserving a service 24 hours ahead of time. This has made us a lot more flexible in scheduling, and nimble in our response time.” said Bron Nelson, IT Staff.

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The added benefit of an extremely responsive support staff at Easymeeting makes this a home run for us. We couldn’t have chosen better.
— Bron Nelson, Pierce Atwood LLP


BRIAND Consulting AS

BRIAND provides consulting services for businesses within the private and public sectors. They work with a mix of purely operational projects, which include a management for-hire model, and strategy development and implementation. Using a practical and pragmatic approach BRIAND Consulting is keen to help their customers create value in the long and short term.

WAM Enterprises

WAM Enterprises is a Connecticut based social media and marketing company that has been using Easymeeting.net to connect with customers all over the world. WAM Enterprises uses Easymeeting.net's video conferencing platform to connect with customers that were previously too geographically diverse to meet the demands of a growing e-commerce. Now with Easymeeting’s cloud, desktop sharing capability, and ease of use, WAM Enterprises can streamline operations from their headquarters in Connecticut.

Just had a meeting with a potential customer using my EasyConference. Very good quality and connecting was easy; I just sent him the URL to join. We finally got to know each other a little better than if we were on the phone. This looks very good!
— Knut Bringsverd Andreassen, BRIAND Consulting AS


Artspace Projects

Artspace Projects, is the national leading developer of arts facilities – to create, foster, and preserve affordable space for artists and arts organizations. Artspace has a number of programs that fall in three unique and broad categories: Property Development, Asset Management, and Consulting Services. The Artspace Distance Collaboration Program was developed to provide a new platform for artistic creation using telepresence technology and collaborate with their locations and organizations all over the United States.

Watch Artspace in action

Watch how our partner BenComm and Easymeeting helped Artspace Projects bring this project to life.