Easymeeting Desktop

Easy-to-use desktop video calling

Easymeeting Desktop service allows you to place and receive video calls from your computer to almost any device. This easy to use client keeps you accessible wherever you go.

The Easymeeting Desktop client works on computers running Windows OS, Macintosh OS or Linux OS. Easymeeting offers a free download of the Easymeeting Desktop client that is able to place calls to devices registered with EasyNumbers only. 

How Does It Work?

Each Easymeeting Desktop client enabled with services can make and receive calls to EasyConference virtual meeting rooms, Easymeeting-enabled endpoints and to other Easymeeting Desktop Clients by EasyNumbers or URI dial strings.

You can even receive calls to your Easymeeting Desktop client from EasyConference Mobile users, WebRTC users, H.323 endpoints, EasyConference virtual meeting rooms and even from Lync and Skype clients. 

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Easymeeting Desktop Client

Easymeeting offers the Easymeeting Desktop Client for free to dial EasyNumbers. You can dial your EasyConference, video systems registered with Free and Cloud Connect, and Easymeeting Desktop subscribers. The free Easymeeting Desktop client is a great alternative for computer users joining your EasyConference meeting room, instead of joining from their web browser (webRTC).