Free Connect

Simplify your connection to the cloud

Easymeeting’s Free Connect is a service designed to simplify your dialing and increase compatibility when using your video conferencing system. By assigning a 6 to 8-digit EasyNumber to your video system, you will easily be able to connect with other video systems registered with Easymeeting, Easymeeting’s EasyConference virtual meeting rooms, and EasyConference Mobile users. This free service is available for any video conferencing system and requires very little setup. 

What Does Free Connect Do For You?

Free Connect allows your company to easily connect to the Easymeeting cloud and video conferencing world without using long IP addresses or complicated email addresses.

√    Enable existing or new video systems to communicate in the cloud
√    Increased compatibility without costly investments in internal resources
√    Increase usage of your video systems & ROI
√    Simplified dialing
    Directory listing

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