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Easymeeting Desktop

Free download for Windows and Mac

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Easymeeting on Mobile

Available on App Store & Google Play

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How to Join an Easymeeting Video Conference

Joining an EasyConference is, well, EASY!

Choose your device below for calling instructions or view and download as PDF.


Video Conferencing System

Registered with Easymeeting Free or Cloud Connect

  • Call the EasyConference/EasyNumber you want to join

Not registered with Easymeeting Free or Cloud Connect

  • Call IP
  • Enter the EasyConference, followed by the pound key (#)

    Alternate dial strings
  • EasyConference@

Dialing by URI or from a SIP device

Web Browser

Easymeeting recommends using Chrome when joining from a computer.

From join.easymeeting.net, enter your name and the EasyConference/EasyNumber you want to call


Create an auto-join link:
Use https://join.easymeeting.net/default/?conference=NUMBER&join=1

Replace "NUMBER" with the EasyConference or EasyNumber you wish to call

Easymeeting Desktop Client

Free Client Download

No registration necessary to call by EasyNumber or URI address


Download the EasyConference app    from your Apple or Android app store.


We suggest using a headset or earbuds when using these devices, to help with noise cancellation

Lync/Skype for Business

Dial EasyConference@easymeeting.net

Easymeeting.net has open federation on our deployment. If your company does not have open federation, you will need to add awsmcu1.easymeeting.net among your list of federated partners in order to connect.


Depending on your geographical location, dial one of the numbers below enter the EasyConference you want to join, followed by the pound sign (#).


  • Norway: (+47) 21 98 88 42

  • USA: (+1) 877 868 8012

  • UK: (+44) 08082580087

  • Mexico: (+52) 5585264902


  • Columbia: (+57) 13819601 (Bogota)

*Please note, charges may apply depending on your telephone plan & provider