Increase Productivity By Trading Coffee for Exercise at Your Desk

Whether you are working remotely or in the office, your desk is a big part of your life. And, at some point, you have probably started to depend on coffee to help you feel more productive while at the said desk. If you haven’t, you are an anomaly and we envy you!

We want to help you from getting stuck in that after lunch or 3:00 PM slump each day. Instead of getting yourself another coffee, try these simple exercises you can do at your desk.

Some studies show that drinking more than four cups of coffee a day can have negative effects on your health, even for healthy individuals. While there are benefits to drinking moderate amounts of coffee each day, exercise is a great alternative to help reduce how much you depend on it and increase productivity at work. Coincidentally, the word exercise comes from the Latin word exercere, meaning to keep busy or at work.

I want to challenge you to think about how much you sit each day – at your desk, while you commute, when you get home and relax on the couch. Now think about how you can incorporate these easy-to-do exercises throughout your day to make for a more productive work day.

Desk Dips

Using a sturdy desk edge or chair, rest your hands at your side while facing away from the desk. Place your palms on the edge and take a step or two away from the desk, keeping your feet flat on the ground, bend your arms to 90 degrees. Straighten your arms to lift your body and repeat.

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Desk Push Ups

Facing the desk, place your palms on the corner of the desk and walk your legs out two or three feet. Begin doing push ups.

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Leg Extensions

Alternating 10 times – Lifting one leg at a time, hold it parallel to the ground for 10-20 seconds.

Replace Your Chair with an Exercise Ball

This will help strengthen your core & help with posture too.

Take the Stairs

Avoid awkward talks in the elevator and take the stairs whenever you can!

Walk Around the Building

In between meetings or transitioning to another project, get up and do a lap, clear your head and prepare for the next. You can purchase a pedometer under $5 to count your steps each day!

Wall Sits

Challenge your colleagues to a contest, last man standing! Placing your feet about a foot away from the wall, keep your back against the wall and sit using the wall for support.

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While coffee may give you that edge to get through your work day, a few minutes of exercise will leave you feeling refreshed and energized to keep going.


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