Amigo license

19.00$ / month

Call family and friends with the Amigo license

Maybe you have a senior in the family who you want to connect with over video?
Is there a technical barrier and no simple and convenient way for you to talk over video? This is what we wanted to address with our Amigo license.


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Enable Super Easy Mode on tablets and let the user concentrate on who they want to talk to instead of the technical stuff.

  1. You set up the account
  2. Add some contacts
  3. Activate the Super Easy Mode on the ipad or android tablet.

A simplified user interface is activated, text gets bigger, and the only thing the user has to do is press one of the contacts to give them a call. You can also put on “auto-answer favorites” to let the device answer calls from the list of favorite marked contacts.


The Amigo license includes up to 5 licenses for relatives.

All prices shown per month exclusive tax.


For more information, visit Amigo website.