Stop Hosting Conference Calls, Here’s Why…

Video conferencing can be a very powerful tool. It helps build stronger and faster relationships, allows for more effective communication and collaboration, and most importantly, allows you to use your time wisely so you can get more done each workday. The best part of video conferencing is you can replace most meetings with video meetings, cutting travel costs for your company.

So, it surprises me when company’s still prefer to use the telephone for meetings… We’ll explain why you should stop hosting conference calls and opt for video conferencing face-to-face communication instead.

With the modern workforce being dispersed with satellite offices or remote teams and globalization driving more collaboration across distances, business communication tools need to provide a means for effective discussions without physically being in the room with one another. Can a telephone provide this?

Over 50% of  communication is body language.

Think about it as if you were reading a book. If over 50% of that book you were reading was missing, would you have a full understanding of the story line?

Businesses are depending on telephone communication, which many employees have admitted to doing other things while on conference calls, to collaborate on projects, have board discussions, and even build relationships with potential customers. Improve communication in your organization by having these important discussions over video meetings. With cloud-video conferencing services, these tools have become much more affordable for small, medium, and enterprise-sized businesses alike.

Here are some of the reasons you should always opt for face-to-face:

Deeper connections with the person you are meeting with:
  • Being able to make eye contact, see body language and facial expressions builds trust much quicker than phone or email communication.
Increased productivity:
  • With less back and forth over emails and more effective conversations, teams can complete projects faster.
Increased engagement:
  • Employees and meeting participants are held more accountable to pay attention and engage in the conversation.

Learn why you should always opt for face-to-face communication and consider these advantages of video conferencing before your next phone meeting.


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