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Easymeeting Review – Finances Online + Two Awards!

This award is given to new SaaS products that recently got increasingly popular on the market, are currently getting very good traction with the customers and are viewed as a service that’s really efficient for solving problems users face now.

We are proud to be reviewed by FinancesOnline, a platform that helps users find the best Saas and B2B software solutions.

Easymeeting received an overall score of 8 out of 10 and received two awards, Rising Star and Premium Usability!

The Easymeeting team works hard every day to improve upon the usability – in fact, our North Star is the plain old telephone system – you can dial anyone on the globe with a phone number, without wondering what carrier and handset the recipient might use. What other technology has survived 150 years thanks to its ingenious usability?

Did you know that the visual body language contains more than 60% of the information in a conversation? We have observed that a lot of people do miss out on this information in dialogues, whether it is in business or private conversations. Just one perk of being able to have meetings over video.

Here are some examples:

Business: You can often look at the body language of customers to see if they are interested or whether or not they can agree or disagree.

Private: You can see if your loved ones are happy or sad.

Please have a look at the review: https://reviews.financesonline.com/p/easymeeting/

Get a free trial of our product: https://www.easymeeting.net/try-easymeeting/

For Tips on Body Language, see:Before your next video call see – Tips & Etiquette


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