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Updated Easymeeting Camera software

Our Easymeeting Camera has been updated with a new fresh UI, easy access to what is most important and some clever new features

Working on the new user interface, our design process has gone through several phases of developing, getting feedback and evolving the software into what we believe is the most simple and coherent video meeting experience on the market.

We want our users to succeed in making good, reliable and simple video meetings. Content is king and our service and applications should stay in the background and let you do your thing. May that be inviting users by simply sharing your Easynumber. Scheduling meetings with our new Google Calendar scheduler or having a quick call to a family member with the new Super Easy Mode.

Super Easy Mode

With Super Easy Mode enabled, the user can concentrate on who they want to talk to instead of technical stuff. Maybe you have a senior in the family who you want to connect with, but there is a technical barrier and no simple and convenient way for you to talk over video. This is what we wanted to address with the Super Easy Mode. You set up the account, add some contacts and set the camera in Super Easy Mode.

Profile page where you can chose to activate Super Easy Mode

A simplified UI is activated, text gets bigger, and the only thing the user has to do is press one of the contacts to give them a call. You can also put on “auto-answer favorites” to let the device answer calls from the list of favorite contacts.

We are constantly listening to our users and improving our services, to give you a coherent and easy user experience. We want you to feel in control of your meetings. Soon we will also release updates to both tablets and mobile devices.


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