About TWS Care

As always, our hardware and services are designed with the user in mind and we want you to have the best possible experience when you are video conferencing. Our TWS Care service is a yearly subscription with full coverage. Renewable every 12 months, the TWS Care package will have you and your system feeling at ease before every video meeting.

Easymeeting provides our customers with the capability of HD video conferencing between traditional hardware and mobile devices so you can have seamless collaboration in your company no matter where you are. We strive to produce products and services that are easy to buy and easy to use. We want to ensure that you have a successful meeting every time with reliable services and products.


What is the difference between TWS Care and the 3-year Warranty?

TWS Care ensures our customers that if the issue is specific to our Easymeeting hardware, we will replace it FREE and ship you a system on next business day. TWS Care customers also benefit from software upgrade scheduling from our Easymeeting Experts. The Limited Warranty covers repair of your system. Systems returned for repair may take 30-45 days to be returned to customer (dependent on parts availability).


TWS CARE Benefits:

Full Coverage

Throughout your agreement, TWS Care protects your Easymeeting product, hardware and software. If you experience any issues with our product, our Support Staff is available to identify any issues and will work with you to get it resolved as quickly as possible. Allowing you to focus on what’s important and continue with business as usual.

Live Support

Our staff is available to train your users with live demonstrations and available for questions by email, phone, video or chat. Our Easymeeting Experts will work with your team to make you feel comfortable using your new hardware. Need help troubleshooting? They do that too! Our Experts are trained to identify and resolve issues that you might encounter.

Next-day Replacement

TWS Care ensures our customers that if the issue is specific to our Easymeeting hardware, we will replace it FREE. We'll ship you a new system the next business day and be on standby for the re-install process.

Software Updates and Scheduling

We know you are busy. Leave the software updates to us! We will notify your team of the date and time that we will be upgrading your TWS hardware – keeping your applications up to date.

Connectivity Monitoring

Have your system connected to Easymeeting's monitoring system for a helping hand in spotting issues. If your system appears offline or has an issue, the system will notify Easymeeting to contact you about an issue.